Buy African Gray Parrot’s Eggs

African Gray parrots are well-known birds because of their intelligence and smartness. These birds breed twice or once in a year. However, there is no specific time for breeding. Therefore, owners of can buy African Gray Parrot’s eggs in every season from trustworthy breeders.

So, you can buy these eggs from our stores collected from healthy African Gray Parrots and tested to confirm the hatching and fertility.

Gestation Period Of African Gray Parrots Eggs:

The average gestation period of African Gray parrots eggs is 28 after laying. Female parrot gives five to six eggs in a grasp. However, all the eggs are not laying at the same time. So, the first two eggs are hatched around 28 days after laying.

On the other hand, it’s difficult to know about the laying of other eggs. Because female parrot sits on the eggs during the incubation period of 21 to 30 days. On the other hand, if you have African female parrot then you can buy African Gray parrot eggs for sale from our trustworthy breeders.

Buy African Gray Parrot Eggs For Sale:

We are one of the specialized breeders for African Gray parrots. Moreover, we are selling the fertile and confirmed hatching eggs of all species of Gray parrots. We have collected these eggs from healthy birds. So, if you are interested to raise own birds as pets then you can buy eggs from us.

Moreover, we will assist completely for  successful hatching of birds


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