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BreedAfrican grey Parrot

Sex: Female 

Jane Parrot is also from the breed of African Grey parrot. This parrot is Grey in colour and medium in size. Moreover, the lifespan of Jane Grey parrot is 30+ years. It is one of the highly social interactor’s birds. On the other hand, Jane Grey is a vocal communicator.

These parrots are very gentle as well as smart. They can speak and understand thousands of words. While buying Jane Grey Parrot Online, it’s better to buy those birds from trustworthy breeders. Moreover, check the bird completely before buying to know the interaction level with the environment and other family members.


Buy African Jane Gray Parrot

African Jane Gray parrot is one of the most loving and talented birds on the earth. Because of its friendly nature, it is one of the most intelligent and familiar species to birds as well. Moreover, Jane Gray Parrot is the oldest species of psittacine kept by humans as pets.

These African grey parrots are medium in size, having dusty look and look like pigeons. However, these parrots have a red tail and orange eyes.

Nature Of African Gray Parrots:

These parrots are living in the forests of Africa and the woodlands of the West. Although, the larger African Gray parrots are knowns ad Congo African Gray parrots.

The other species is known as Timneh. However, it is found in the smaller regions and forests of Africa. To buy African Gray Parrot for sale, focus on nature as well as species to choose the right one pet companion.

These parrots mostly eat nuts, seeds and fruits. Moreover, their mimic and talking abilities of this parrot can make this bird your best companion.

Characteristics Of Jane Gray Parrot:

African parrots are known as the most intelligent birds on the earth because of a large vocabulary of words. Furthermore, these parrots are inclined to recognizing the meaning of vocabulary words.

So, one’s needs to have plenty of things to challenge the intelligence of this species. For this, you need to provide a complete diet including seeds and nuts for the better nourishment of these birds.

These birds are highly sensitive and understand the behaviors as well. So, African Greys are highly affected by stress and turmoil in the environment.

Size And Weight:

The average size of the African Jane Gray parrot is 300-350 grams. So, while buying African Grey Parrot for sale, focus on the average size and weight of the parrot. Furthermore, the average size of this parrot is 33cm.

Moreover, the average lifespan of this bird is 25-35 years.

Breeding Properties:

The sexual maturity of grey is three to six years. Moreover, for breeding, Arifcan Grey parrots require privacy as well as comfortable space for both male and female birds.

For this, the owner of these pets needs to monitor carefully because of the aggressiveness of male birds during breeding. So, at the time to buy African grey, you need to keep in mind all the mentioned above considerations.

Health Issues In Grey Parrots:

No doubt, these parrots are smarter species, but it’s hard to take care as well. Because these parrots can be prone to pick feathers, Vitamin D deficiency and many other feather diseases.

So, you need to make sure the proper diet and nutrients for these birds to keep away from mentioned above diseases. Make sure, you are making the right selection of foods and seeds for these birds.

On the other hand, to get rid of feather picking issues, you need to provide proper attention to your birds.  Because it happens due to the lack of attention.


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