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African Gray parrots are the most intelligent birds on the earth as well as a great pet companion. So, if you are looking for a talkative pet then buy African Kiwi Gray parrot as the best companion.

Because this bird can learn a vocabulary of numbers of words. Before to buy African Gray Parrot, learn about the species of these birds. So, there are two species of these parrots including Timneh and Congo.

Let’s talk about these species:

Timneh Species:

This species is smaller in size as compared to Congo. African Kiwi Gray is also from Timneh species. So, the average size of this bird is 10 inches and the average weight is 300-350 grams.

Timneh species parrots have grey feathers and black beak with a pink top. The tail of this bird is maroon in shade. Moreover, these parrots can grow faster as compared to Congo parrots.

However, there is a little difference between these two species.

Congo Species:

These African Gray parrots are larger in the size. So, most of these birds are also known as monsters because of larger size. Moreover, it’s difficult to handle Congo parrots as pet birds.

So, if you are going to buy African Gray Parrot for sale then probably you are going for Timneh species. The average size of these parrots is 15inches and the average weight is 900+ grams.

Moreover, the lifespan of these birds is more than 60 years.

Characteristics Of African Grey Parrots:

No matter, you are looking for Timneh species or Congo species, these birds are very intelligent. According to the research, these parrots have the same intelligence level as a five-year child.

Furthermore, these birds are capable to learn different words and behaviors as well. African grey parrots can identify the objects and colours.

Considerations To Buy African Kiwi Gray Parrot:

If you are thinking to buy Kiwi Gray parrot as a pet companion then you need to know these birds are sensitive to stress. So, a depressed environment and lack of attention can make these birds sad and boring.

Moreover, the African Greys are prone to pick feathers if you are not giving proper attention daily. On the other hand, if these birds don’t interact with every member of the family at an early stage then these pets become a companion of a single person.

The best thing is, the lifespan of these birds are more than 60 years. So, these birds can become a long-life companion for a person.

Accommodation’s Needs For African Greys:

Before to buy African Grey Parrot, there are numbers of things to consider including accommodation of these birds. If you want this parrot as a pet companion then you need to arrange a proper place.

Try to buy a cage of 3 feet wider and 2 feet deeper to keep this pet. moreover, try to keep the cage at a quiet corner of the home or room. Don’t cover the cage with any kind of sheet, it will give the feeling of the trap to the bird.


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