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BreedAfrican grey, Timneh species

African Sarah Gray Parrot is a highly social and intelligent bird. Like KIWI and African Jane Gray parrot, Sarah Gray parrot also belongs to the Timneh species of African Gray Parrots. This is a medium-size parrot. So, the average size of this parrot is 10 inches and the average weight is 300-350 grams.

It is one of the highly exotic birds on the earth’s planet because of its vocal capabilities.


Buy African Sarah Gray Parrot

The African Gray parrot’s ability to talk makes this bird a good companion for humans. These parrots can learn the vocabulary of more than 1000 words. Not only a top talker, but these parrots are also very intelligent.

African Sarah Gray parrot is one of the most intelligent birds on the earth. So, the bird’s keepers would love to keep these birds as pets. Moreover, African Gray parrots are from the oldest species of psittacine.

The Appearance Of African Sarah Gray Parrot:

These African parrots are medium in size and have a grey look. Moreover, these birds have grey feathers with brown lining and red tail. Furthermore, African Sarah parrot has a scalloped pattern on the body that make it more attractive.

The average size of this parrot is 10 inches. Like Kiwi and Jane African Gray Parrots, Sarah also belongs to the Timneh species.

Social Behaviour Of African Gray Parrots:

These African parrots are shy in earlier stages and don’t allow humans to approach them. However, these birds are highly social and like to live in large groups.

Generally, these parrots are inhabited by savannas. So, the Congo species is larger in an amount as compared to the Timneh species. Moreover, the Timneh species is smaller in size and has less wild nature.

Moreover, these birds are herbivores. So, nuts, seeds, and fruits are the best diets and nutrients for these pet birds.

Feeding Process:

These African parrots are very intelligent and you need to provide a lot of toys and attention to challenge their smartness. Moreover, a proper diet or nutrients are necessary for better feeding of these birds.

The lack of nutrients and diet issues can lead to Vitamin A and D deficiency in the African Gray parrots. Seeds, nuts, fruits, and leaves are the perfect diet for these birds.

On the other hand, these parrots are sensitive and can be affected by a lack of attention and stress. Therefore, before to buy African Sarah Gray Parrot, try to arrange a proper and quiet place to keep this bird as a pet companion.

The common disease in the African Gray parrots is a deficiency of Vitamin A and D as well as they are prone to pick the feathers. To fulfil the needs of Vitamin A and D, sprinkle or add supplements in the food.

Moreover, to get rid of the feather picking issue, try to give proper attention to the pet bird. It will help to prevent feather picking issue.


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