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BreedAfrican grey Parrot

Scott Parrot is also from the breed of African Grey parrots. These birds have beautiful black eyes and a red tail. Moreover, the lifespan of this parrot is more than 60 years. Scott parrots are medium in size.

So, it belongs from Timneh species of African Greys. The average weight of this bird is 300 grams and the average size is 13.5 inches. You can buy African Scott online to fulfil the desire for a friendly pet companion.


Buy African Scott Online

African Scott parrots are the most popular and mysterious pets in the world. Because these parrots have a complex and interactive life. Moreover, these birds are one of the most beautiful and intelligent species.

Therefore, they are the most popular birds kept as pets especially, in USA, UAE and Europe. You can buy African Grey parrot online as well. Scott parrots are one of the most attractive pet birds because of mimic abilities and friendly nature.

Unfortunately, African Grey parrots are declined from the planet slowly because of illegal trade. Therefore, there is a need to raise awareness about these birds. As these birds play an important role for the betterment of wildlife.

The Lifespan Of Scott Parrot:

These birds have an extremely long lifespan as compared to other birds. So, Scott parrots can live an average life of 60+ years. No doubt, these parrots are the world’s most intelligent birds.

According to research, these parrots have the same intelligence level as a toddler. Moreover, these birds can categorize things as well as behaviours.

Furthermore, these parrots can respond to the questions as well as have concepts of colours.

How To Get African Grey Parrot For Sale?

As we discussed earlier, there are two species of Grey parrots: Congo and Timneh African Grey parrots.

So, these birds are available in a variety of sizes.  Therefore, while buying online, focus on the species and breed of these birds. Scott Parrot has a scarlet tail and a long black beak.

However, Timneh has smaller size and darker body as compared to Congo. No matter, what the type is, these both birds are great companion as pets.

You can buy African Grey parrot from trustworthy breeders as well as birds stores. Moreover, you can adopt these birds to rescue the species.

Physical Attributes:

Scott Grey parrot has black eyes. However, a gradual change occurs in eye colour after six- or seven-months duration. Moreover, at the age of 2 years, a slight change occurs in the colour of the eyes.

The weight of this bird is round about 300 grams and known as medium size bird. However, the characteristics of Congo and Timneh vary with age. you can buy African Scott online as a pet companion.

With the right type of nutrition and diet during the breeding can minimize these variations. These parrots have black feet. However, the Congo parrots have a solid black beak or Timneh parrots have a light silver-grey beak.

Scott parrots have a red tail with brown or grey feathers. Moreover, this colour of the tail remains until the completion of the first moult. Generally, there is no sex difference between Congo and Timneh.

However, experienced breeders maybe recognise it. But it’s not a reliable way to know about the gender of the bird. Because it can only be determined through a genetic test.


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