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African Gray Parrots are native birds of Africa’s forest as well as Cameroon and Angola. However, a few species of these parrots are also found in Uganda and Kenya.

Moreover, one can easily find these parrots in the forests of Savanna. To buy Charly Gray parrot, it’s better to know about specifications firstly.

Nature Of Charly Gray Parrot:

These are also the most intelligent species of African parrots. So, these birds are extremely loving and friendly and known for being interactors.

However, if the owner is not providing the proper attention then these African Gray Parrots might be bored and unhappy pets. Therefore, to buy African Gray parrot for sale, firstly, you need to be friendly with these birds.

For this, try to provide the proper stimulation to these birds. No doubt, these birds are highly intelligent, but it’s hard to take care of these social birds.

Because most of the time these birds tend to become the friend of a single person instead of the whole family. So, the owners need to put more effort to make these birds more social with every member of the family.

Vocal Attributes:

Charly Gray parrots can pick the words and sounds quickly. So, these birds have a wide vocabulary of words. However, these birds have a habit of repeating everything they hear.

Therefore, the owner of these pets needs to focus on the usage of words around Charly Gray parrot. Moreover, it’s difficult for the birds to unlearn the sound after learning it for once.

Try to get African Gray parrot for sale from trustworthy breeders. Because sometimes the older one is not suitable to keep at home especially with other family members.

Colour’s Properties:

Usually, these birds are grey with slightly brown feathers. However, a few of these birds have yellow-pale edging on the feathers. but these colour properties slightly vary in Congo and Timneh.

Because Congo parrots are larger as compared to Timneh. As we are talking about Charly Gray, this parrot belongs from Timneh species. Charly Gray has red tail feathers and black shiny beak.

How to take care of African Charly Gray Parrot?

These parrots are medium to large-sized birds. Therefore, these parrots require appropriate space for living. So, before to buy African Gray parrot, arrange the proper space for this pet.

Moreover, these birds are sensitive and can be affected by stress. So, you need to keep the environment calm and happy around these birds. For this, try to keep the cage of this pet bird at a quiet and clean corner of the room.

Try to provide the proper interaction opportunity to these birds. As these birds can be bored due to the lack of attention.




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