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Breed: Timneh Species of African Gray

African Colins Gray Parrots are from Timneh Species. These birds have calming nature and easy to keep as pets. Colin’s parrots are medium in size and have an average size of 10inches. The colour of this parrot is grey and have grey feathers with brown lining. Furthermore, the life span of these parrots is more than 60 years. So, these birds can become a great pet companion, but with proper nutrients and attention by the owner.



Buy Colins Gray Parrots Online

African Gray Parrots are the most intelligent and smart birds on the earth. So, these birds can be good pet companion. Moreover, these birds are capable to learn the new words and object’s names quickly.

Before to buy African Colins Gray Parrots online, learn about their characteristics as well as the care or feeding process. There are two types of African Gray parrots: Congo and Timneh species. Moreover, Colins Gray parrots belong to the Timneh species.

However, Congo and Timneh have little bit difference in properties.

Congo Characteristics:

This is one of the popular species of African parrots. Most of the Congo parrots are known as the names of Cameron, Angola, and Ghana. However, all parrots have the same attributes. These parrots are larger in the size as compared to Timneh parrots. If you are going to buy African Gray Parrots online then you need to know that Congo parrots require more maintenance to keep a pet.

So, the average weight of these birds is more than 500grams and the average size is 15inches. Furthermore, Congo parrots have white patches on the skin. Congo parrots have a cherry red tail that makes these birds more attractive.

Timneh Species:

African Colins belong to the Timneh species. These birds are smaller in the size as compared to Congo parrots. So, the average weight of these birds is 300grams and the average size is 10inches. Moreover, it’s easy to keep Timneh parrots as pets as compared to Congo parrots.

However, Colin’s parrots also require a comfortable environment and attention for better living. Timneh Gray Parrots are grey and have a solid black beak with a pink top. Furthermore, the tail of this bird is maroon in shade.

The best thing is, Colins Gray Parrots are calmer as compared to Timneh parrots.

Feeding Process Of African Colins Gray Parrots:

You can feed fruits, seeds, and vegetables to the African Gray parrots. However, don’t give the only seeds diet permanently as it will cause imbalance diet issues in parrots. Therefore, diet pellets including seeds, fruits, and vegetables are the best nutrients for these parrots.

Furthermore, provide fresh and pure water to these parrots daily.

Precautions For Better Care:

Try to take your pet for physical examination every 6-12 months. For this, consult with a professional veteran to know better about the physical considerations of these parrots. Moreover, buy African Gay Parrots For sale only if you can take care of these birds.

Because these birds required high attention and a quiet environment for better nourishment. Besides this, try to do the annual examination and vaccination for parasites and bacteria. Trim the nails and wings as needed.


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